How Radon was Discovered in Homes

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In January of 1984, Stanely Watras and his young family moved into their new home in Boyerstown, Pennsylvania. Stanely began work at the soon-to-be-operable Limerick Nuclear Power Plant as a construction engineer. A few weeks before the plant began its energy production, they installed radiation detectors at the exterior doors. Employees would walk through them at the end of their shift, ensuring that they were not tracking radioactive material into the streets of their small town. 

Imagine the confusion that was caused one morning when Stanley arrived at work and set off the radiation detectors as he entered the building, when the power plant that was still free of radioactive material. For the next few weeks, Stanely continued to set off the detectors until it was discovered that the radioactive material was on his clothes and the source was his home. Upon further investigation it was determined that there were extremely high levels of radon in the Watras’ home. The EPA recommend safe levels are under 4.0pCi/L. The level in the Watras’ home was 2,700 pCi/L.

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