Potential wells are a critical part of understanding fields. ![](../_images/Pasted%20image%2020231017213650.png) I thought this might be useful to someone - I have taken to building this with my students from scratch as a lesson activity - I think it's a really nice mathematical follow-up from using a stretchy lycra sheet to get a feel for potential wells (See [[Fabric of time and Space]]). <iframe scrolling="no" title="Potential Wells" src="https://www.geogebra.org/material/iframe/id/axf4pjxb/width/1904/height/970/border/888888/sfsb/true/smb/false/stb/false/stbh/false/ai/false/asb/false/sri/false/rc/false/ld/false/sdz/false/ctl/false" width="1904px" height="970px" style="border:0px;"> </iframe> #InterestingPhysics