Matter and antimatter… charge in coulombs relative to a proton mass in kilograms relative to a proton proton neutron electron All particles of Jul 26, 2020 physics & atoms & ks5 & lesson materials
Matter and antimatter… Jul 26, 2020 physics & atoms & ks5 & lesson materials charge in coulombs relative to a proton mass in kilograms relative to a proton proton neutron electron All particles of Some Basics Jul 26, 2020 physics & lesson materials & ks5 Reading: Physical QuantityUnit NameSymbolNameSymbolmassmkilogramkglengthxmetremtimetsecondselectric currentIampereAtemperature Snap, Crackle and Pop. We need Jerks! Jul 24, 2020 Displacement that changes over a period of time, we call velocity. Velocity change over time we call acceleration. Yes, yes, all very familiar but Practical puzzles and what happens next! Jul 23, 2020 education & physics This blog post comes with huge thanks to David Featonby with whom I was able to converse at some length Radioactivity (with and without the resources) Jul 20, 2020 education & physics & radioactivity This blog post is based on the teaching materials I use in a CPD session that runs anything from an DIY energy ball: Jun 30, 2020 Using a TIP102 Darlington transistor and some resistors. Here is what I did: R1, the 1M pulldown resistor on the first pin of the Darlington is Energy & Resources: Jun 22, 2020 1983 Forms -> Stores Why and how has energy been taught at KS3/4? What do students gain from it? Is this useful for further studies? I’ll December 2019 Dec 22, 2019 pics Devon lanes, a series 7 Dec 16, 2019 pics Morning I Nov 18, 2019 pics An Inductive Curio Sep 4, 2019 Whilst leaning on the gate below, trying to take a shot of the sunset, I received an electric shock. My immediate reaction was Published value of the Hubble constant plotted over time Jul 9, 2019 physics #www. Jul 3, 2019 ophysics.com #www. Jul 3, 2019 geogebra.org Published value of the charge on the electron plotted over time Jul 1, 2019 physics Devon lanes, a series 5 Jun 30, 2019 pics Mystery Boxes Jun 28, 2019 In a commencement address given at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in 1974 (and reprinted in Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! in I’ve always believed in the lab book Jun 13, 2019 physics & education as a means to record practical information - The combination of precision detail and warts-and-all “I’ve messed it up here and started again” Desiderata Jun 13, 2019 typography & literature True. Jun 13, 2019 education
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