Year 12 Physics Sorting out Indices May 3, 2021 physics & lesson materials & Calculations in physics Remembering what different powers of ten mean is important in physics and the following tables may help: Going up! Going down! 100 = 1 100 = 1 101 = Some unusual electrostatic demos: Dec 23, 2020 physics resources & classroom demos A great example of how a charge can build up in powder factories etc. Pour the talc or lycopodium powder down a plastic channel onto the top of the A nice wave demo. Dec 23, 2020 physics resources & classroom demos I’m working through the archive and working out how best to share ideas… lets try this: Set up as below, the rotating mirror should be mounted such Matter and antimatter… Jul 26, 2020 physics & atoms & ks5 & lesson materials charge in coulombs relative to a proton mass in kilograms relative to a proton proton neutron electron All particles of Some Basics Jul 26, 2020 physics & lesson materials & ks5 Reading: Physical QuantityUnit NameSymbolNameSymbolmassmkilogramkglengthxmetremtimetsecondselectric currentIampereAtemperature Snap, Crackle and Pop. We need Jerks! Jul 24, 2020 Displacement that changes over a period of time, we call velocity. Velocity change over time we call acceleration. Yes, yes, all very familiar but Practical puzzles and what happens next! Jul 23, 2020 education & physics This blog post comes with huge thanks to David Featonby with whom I was able to converse at some length Radioactivity (with and without the resources) Jul 20, 2020 education & physics & radioactivity This blog post is based on the teaching materials I use in a CPD session that runs anything from an DIY energy ball: Jun 30, 2020 Using a TIP102 Darlington transistor and some resistors. Here is what I did: R1, the 1M pulldown resistor on the first pin of the Darlington is Energy & Resources: Jun 22, 2020 1983 Forms -> Stores Why and how has energy been taught at KS3/4? What do students gain from it? Is this useful for further studies? I’ll December 2019 Dec 22, 2019 pics Devon lanes, a series 7 Dec 16, 2019 pics Morning I Nov 18, 2019 pics An Inductive Curio Sep 4, 2019 Whilst leaning on the gate below, trying to take a shot of the sunset, I received an electric shock. My immediate reaction was Published value of the Hubble constant plotted over time Jul 9, 2019 physics #www. Jul 3, 2019 ophysics.com #www. Jul 3, 2019 geogebra.org Published value of the charge on the electron plotted over time Jul 1, 2019 physics Devon lanes, a series 5 Jun 30, 2019 pics Mystery Boxes Jun 28, 2019 In a commencement address given at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in 1974 (and reprinted in Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! in
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